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Hey there! Have you heard about the amazing Follow Alice Travel Ambassador Network?

This fantastic opportunity is the perfect solution for those who love travelling the world and want to create a lifestyle based around enthusing others about the joys of travel. Are you a social influencer who loves to travel — boy, do we have an opportunity for you! Read on to discover what this programme is all about and how it could be perfect for you.

What is the Travel Ambassador Network?

The travel ambassador program is a growing network of passionate travellers who thrive on adventure trips and revel in sharing their travel experiences with the wider world. Our ambassador programme allows us to put money into the hands of keen travellers like us, rather than into conventional advertising. Rather than paying ‘the man’ — large corporations such as Google and Facebook — we pay our travel ambassadors to advertise our wonderful travel adventures.

Follow Alice’s Travel Ambassadors travel the world, visiting the most amazing places on our planet, then telling everyone about it, earning money and free trips in the process. It’s a win-win-win situation! Not only does this system work for the Travel Ambassadors, and for us, it also helps to spread the joys of travel. This unique, word of mouth model is the best way to encourage others to get out there and enjoy the wonders of our world.

By travelling to new and exciting destinations and telling people about it, our Travel Ambassadors are influencers who are able to be the instruments for social change. When we love the wonders of the world, we are all more likely to find common ground, and to do what we can to protect it. Become a travel ambassador and you too can explore this world, while also being a true social influencer and changing it for the better.

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The idea

So basically — we want to pay you for sharing our brand rather than conventional advertising tools such as Google or Facebook. Our business is founded upon word of mouth marketing. And being an Travel Ambassador is really as simple as recommending a friend. You help us by referring potential clients, and we help you by paying you commission for each one that turns into a sale. We get clients, and you get some minimal effort extra cash your pocket (note there is some effort involved people, more on what work is actually involved below). Win win, easy peasy!

And no need to scribble down names and figures in your notebook btw. We have created the Ambassador Playground so you can easily keep track of your referrals. Earn by both 1) getting people to the Follow Alice website and 2) referring your friends for trips. Store all your efforts in your very own dashboard. Keep track of your sales. Control when you get paid. Effectively have your own little business hosted on our website. Put as much effort in as you like. Earn as much as you like.

Intreated in knowing more?

Find more info about how to become a Travel Ambassador on out site.

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